Sarasota Family Law Attorney Megan Lyons

Megan Lyons
Sarasota Family Law Attorney Megan Lyons

Sarasota Attorney Megan Lyons handles Family law, bankruptcy, debt relief, civil claims, and real estate law in Sarasota County, Manatee County, Orange County, Osceola County, and some adjacent counties.

When it comes to a legal case, you want to have a firm you can trust and rely on. In addition to the experience and successful track record of cases, Sarasota Family Law Attorney Megan Lyons possesses more than just legal knowledge.  Ms. Lyons has developed a niche practice, focusing on high conflict personality disorders such as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, and other “Cluster B” personality disorders in her family law cases.  She has acquired a lot of experience in successfully navigating cases in which there is a personality disordered adversary in the litigation.

At the Sarasota Florida Bankruptcy Law Firm, Lyons Law, you will be treated like family, with respect, empathy and compassion.  We have a 24-hour return phone call or email policy, so that when an emergency or time-sensitive issue comes up in your family law case, you can rest assured that your Attorney will be there for you to alleviate your stress and provide the emotional support that you need.   You will be provided with your attorney’s personal cell phone to text, e-mail or call as well as the office number to reach staff during the standard business hours. It is our goal to represent the iconic characteristics of the “lion” – loyalty, strength, wisdom, power, dignity, courage, justice, dominion and authority. We are here for you every step of the way.

Our motto is to empower clients with self confidence and self respect that they may have lost due to the traumatic experiences of their life that so many suffer from in today’s current emotional climate in a very troubled world.  We understand and can empathize the injustice that occurs from the insidious evil of narcissism in our society causing severe harm and distress to vulnerable people and targeting those with a kind heart and sympathetic nature.

Megan Lyons was born in Buffalo, New York with an insatiable hunger for knowledge and a deep passion for establishing intimate and profound relationships with other human beings. From a very young age, Megan expressed her inner most emotions and thoughts through the modality of the written word, in the form of creative short stories and poetry. Her personality from a young age was characterized by empathy and concern for the well being of others, namely those individuals who were marginalized or ostracized in some way for various reasons.

Her innate talent and magnetism toward the art of writing naturally attracted her to the prestigious Kenyon College, sometimes known as the Harvard of the Midwest.  This enriching experience vested her with the ability to articulate well, perfect her passion for writing and most of all, the ethereal experience of establishing long lasting relationships with people who exemplified integrity, kindness, and compassion.

After completing her collegiate tenure with a concentration in psychology and Spanish literature, Megan listened to the sage advice of her parents who were zealous advocates of the infinite benefits that a law school education would bestow upon her.

Megan worked at several small law firms in Orlando when she moved to Florida and started her own firm in 2012 focusing on primarily bankruptcy and general civil matters. She was featured on WFTV Channel 9 as a Legal Expert for bankruptcy in which her blogs and articles were published for the public.  She introduced family law into her practice and found that she could integrate much of her deep knowledge of psychology and the human condition into her role as a counselor.  Her clients appreciate the intimacy of the firm and the genuine concern that Megan has for the best interest of the families that she represents.  Megan’s most recent passion is focused on individual healing, self development, and self empowerment through various holistic means. Megan is currently working to launch workshops, seminars and retreats that specifically focus on healing from an emotionally and psychologically abusive relationship and uncovering the deeper psychological proclivity that manifests the toxic behavioral pattern.  Through personal experience and extensive research, Megan is extremely well versed in the study of narcissism and how covert and malignant narcissistic abuse can have deleterious effects on a victim. Megan is extremely passionate about imparting her knowledge to victims and survivors of this very insidious type of abuse that is pervading our society by arming them with the tools to heal and find inner peace and happiness through loving the self.


Attorney Megan Lyons has created an online course to help her clients both in and out of court cope with the emotional and psychological trauma that pathological narcissism manifests in the lives of target survivors.  In this webinar, participants will learn how the traits and tactics of disordered individuals typically play out in court. This will enable a client to anticipate what his or her opponent will do so that  proper strategies can be employed to fight back.  The course will educate viewers on remedial tactics that can be taken against their opponents.  They will also  learn how to gather evidence to undermine their adversary’s credibility and show a systematic pattern of abuse. Finally, viewers will learn effective strategies to prepare emotionally for their day in court, so that instead of feeling victimized, they can step into their power to pursue justice with integrity and confidence.

Available As:
Live Online (Live Webinar) and available as recording thereafter 
Thursday, November 10, 2016 (8:00 PM – 9:30 PM Eastern (GMT-05:00))


How to Navigate a Court Proceeding When the Opposing Party Is a Sociopath or Cluster-B Disordered Individual. Instructor: Megan M. Lyons, Esq.

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