Child Support Arrears

Child Support Arrears & Bankruptcy

One of the worst types of financial strain one can endure is not being able to provide for your children. This is true if you are divorced or were never married and pay child support payments to the other parent. If you are unable to maintain your child support payments you may face severe legal, financial and personal consequences. You should consult with a skilled and experienced Orlando Florida bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options.

Call the Orange County Florida bankruptcy lawyers today to discuss your debt relief options if you are behind on child support payments. The Orlando bankruptcy attorneys at Lyons Law want you to understand that you are not alone through this trying financial time.

Causes Of Unmanageable Child Support Arrears

There may be several reasons you are unable to maintain your child support payments. Examples are:

Loss of job

Change in lifestyle


Sudden illness

Sudden injury

General financial turmoil

Payday loan debt

Car title loan debt

Consolidating Child Support Arrears Through Filing For Bankruptcy

Failure to pay your child support payments can cause you substantial legal, financial and emotional grief. You can ultimately end up in jail for failure to pay child support. In Florida, and most states, child support arrears debt cannot be discharged by filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. What you can do is consolidate your child support arrears debt by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. To learn more about your options for consolidating child support debt call the Child Support Arrears Consolidation Attorneys at Lyons Law to discuss your options.

Contact An Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

If you cannot make your child support payments and they are in arrears do not hesitate to call the Orange County Child Support Arrears Attorneys at Lyons Law. Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney Meg Lyons offers free consultations to those in need of financial relief in Orange County, Florida.