Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt & Bankruptcy

Credit cards can offer us very reliable and practical financial solutions at times. If used improperly credit cards can wreak havoc on your financial world. The more you try to properly manage your credit card debt and finances the more in debt you can become. If you are facing severe credit card debt in Orange County, Florida you may have a solution to obtain financial relief. Consulting with our Orlando bankruptcy lawyers is a wise move.

Contact the Orange County FL bankruptcy attorneys at Lyons Law today to discuss how to deal with your credit card debt. Ms. Lyons offers free consultations to those considering filing bankruptcy.

Causes Of Severe Credit Card Debt

Excessive, overwhelming and out of control credit card debt can be caused by a number of factors. No matter how good your intentions were when opening the credit cards you may have exercised financial irresponsibility, suffered a change in lifestyle such as losing a job or going through a divorce. These changes may have caused you to try to juggle managing your finances, paying your bills and supporting your family by using credit cards to get by. This may have worked for awhile but in time can cause you a tremendous amount of aggravation, financial fear and unmanageability.

As daunting as excessive debt can be there is help. You may be able to explore filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or other means of obtaining financial relief in Florida. Doing so will make your life easier as the harassment from creditors, foreclosure threats and repossession letters immediately stop. Call the Orange County, Florida Bankruptcy Lawyers at Lyons Law to discuss your options.

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