Orlando Loan Modification Lawyers

Lyons Law has an extremely high success rate with regard to obtaining loan modifications for Bankruptcy clients, post-discharge Bankruptcy client, clients in foreclosure or clients facing the imminent threat of Bankruptcy. It is a very stressful and scary time for homeowners, some with small children in school or sick and disabled relatives living in the property who cannot move without great obstacles being overcome. To learn more about how our Orlando loan modification lawyers can help you please contact or law firm for a free consultation.

loan-modifications-attorney-300x200With the bank bearing down, it may seem like there are no viable options left for homeowners. However, with strong advocates working for your best interest, it is possible to obtain a Loan Modification and keep your home, which will allow you to be relieved of overbearing debt, pay your mortgage on time and retain your property. A loan modification can also help you to renegotiate your monthly payments to the bank and modify your payment structure to make it more affordable. Loan modification is an important part of any foreclosure defense procedure, and if successful, it will let you keep your home.

While it might seem like loan modification is something you can do on your own, you should seriously consider obtaining the assistance and guidance of an experienced loan modification attorney. In our experience, lenders seem more likely to take notice of your request to modify when they are dealing with a professional attorney. Almost weekly homeowners come to our office after spending months attempting to get a modification on their own. “They lost our paperwork”, “they don’t return phone calls”, “the person who we were working with is no longer there”, etc. are common expressions of frustration we hear from clients who have given up and come to us for help. Almost all of our clients who are in an active Bankruptcy or ones who have received a discharge after a canceled sale date have obtained modifications after hiring our firm. We will not give up the fight and will be with you every step of the way, even after-hours or weekends if the need arises.

When a loan modification attorney presents your loan modification application, he or she will be armed with all the documents and the proper negotiation techniques. Lenders will in most cases take you more seriously when you have a loan modification professional by your side. Because they can use legal information as leverage, loan modification law firms are in many cases more likely to get a better offer than you can get on your own.  Our law firm is fortunate in having an experienced mortgage loan officer on staff to assist in the negotiation process with your lender. Negotiation with banks can often be a haranguing, tedious and arduous process. With Lyons Law, we will not leave your side until all legal remedies have been exhausted to further your objective.

Please contact our Orlando loan modification lawyers by dialing (407) 476-3437 for a free initial consultation. We serve those facing financial difficulties and family law issues such as divorce throughout Orange County, Florida.