Why Settlement Out of Court and Mediation is Beneficial for Family Law Cases with High Conflict Adversaries

When going through a divorce, you will have to decide whether to settle issues outside of court or go to trial. As an experienced family law attorney, I can tell you first-hand that there is no one-size fit all approach to settling a divorce. However, there are several benefits of settling a divorce outside of court through mediation. Read on to learn more about why settlement out of court and through mediation is beneficial for family law cases with high conflict adversaries.

Maintain Control Over the Divorce Process through Mediation

Mediation involves the process of both parties meeting with a neutral third party (the mediator) to discuss contested divorce issues. A mediator does not take sides but helps both parties reach an agreement regarding their divorce settlement.

If you are dealing with a high conflict divorce, it is in your best interest to use mediation. An experienced mediator will use strategic methods to reduce conflict and facilitate healthy discussions. The mediator can help both sides maintain control over the divorce process while resolving their issues. Parties will have flexibility in controlling the pace of negotiating a settlement. This will help reduce animosity, tension, and anger between parties looking to reach an agreement. In contrast, when a case goes to trial, the judge will decide the outcome of the divorce in accordance with state laws. Parties must live with the judge’s decision. It is in both parties best interest to settle disputes outside of court.

Mediation Provides Cost Savings

Trying a contested case in court is expensive. It is even more expensive when litigating against a high-conflict ex-spouse. It takes a great deal of time to gather evidence, depose witnesses, and try a case. Billable hours for such services will add up overtime and result in thousands of dollars being spent in court and attorney fees. A high-conflict party will often seek to request several continuances to delay the divorce process.

Mediating a family law case outside of court can result in significant cost savings. Mediation allows both parties to discuss all issues and reach an agreement. Divorcing couples do not have to rely on a judge to reach a resolution. Most couples who litigate issues at trial are often unsatisfied with the results. After spending thousands of dollars, both parties often leave court upset with the results and the family law system overall. Contact my law office for more information about the benefits of mediation.

Contact My Sarasota Divorce Mediation Law Office

I invite you to contact my law office for legal representation. I can review your case and provide you with guidance on how to obtain a favorable settlement outside of court. Most high conflict adversaries will try to drag out the divorce process. I know what motions to file to shorten the divorce timeline. Though settlement may not be possible in every case, it is worth pursuing.