Lyons Law Client Testimonials

I had hired Ms. Lyons to handle a problem I was having in regards to a financial matter. She was very professional in her handling of my matter. She was diligent in her pursuit of a resolution and kept me advised of all responses and options in my case. At all times she was concerned about my wellbeing and offered options for me to consider. It would be a priority of mine to hire her again when and if I need legal consul.

– Butch W.

I have used the legal services of Megan Lyons many times in the past several years. As a Small Business owner in concentrating in Real Estate, I often have cause to consult with Megan regarding clients bankruptcy and various debt issues. She has been diligent, professional and a pleasure to work with. Not your typical lawyer.

– Karen N.

I have worked with Megan Lyons at Lyons Law for many years for all of my legal needs. She is very knowledgeable in all fields of the law. She is always professional and I enjoy the personal one-on-one attention she provides to all of her clients. I have always achieved great results work with Ms. Lyons and I recommend her to everyone in need of professional legal assistance.

– J. S

I have personally worked with Megan on my civil case with MPC Models and she helped me to resolve it quickly and in a professional Manner. Megan helped my family business as well in a case. We were very impressed at her knowledge and expertise in dealing with the Plaintiff. Megan is one of the most professional and best lawyers we have ever had. Thank you so much Megan for representing me and my family!!!

– Kenneth S.

I highly recommend Megan Lyons to anyone who is faced with the very difficult decision of having to file bankruptcy. Megan’s professionalism, knowledge and experience give you the confidence to see bankruptcy as a new beginning. Her very personable approach and the respect with which she treats you, makes it very easy to talk to and trust her. You walk into the courtroom feeling that she has your best interest at heart and will fight for you every step of the way. I would recommend Megan for anyone who is looking for honesty and integrity in a lawyer.

Lyons Law is one of the best law agency here in Orlando. Always on top of our personal cases through different forms of communication in order to be reached at. Guides us along the way to have a chance at doing things right and on time! Can accommodate our needs in various ways. We appreciate Lyons Law for being with us!

– Roberto E.

Megan Lyons Is a first class professional! When i was faced with foreclosure and considering bankruptcy Megan Lyons went above and beyond to help me choose the best path based on my situation. During our consultation, Megan took time to understand the specifics associated with my case. Megan made recommendations which helped me avoid bankruptcy and get me the time i needed to sell my house. Megan Lyons gave me a second chance to get things right and went above and beyond the call to ensure I had what I needed when I needed it the most. Megan Lyons is second to none, her expert advice and guidance consistently went above and beyond my expectations.

– Edward H.

I was referred to Megan Lyons of (Lyons Law) by a close friend of mine. I had been searching for an attorney to assist in handling my bankruptcy and the foreclosure of my house. I could not have found a better attorney I contacted several other major and well known firms in the central Florida area. Some never responded to my calls others only wanted to speak with me after an initial deposit of several hundred dollars. When I first spoke with Megan she immediately assured me things would be ok and to relax and not worry. We spoke on the phone multiple times and via email almost every day, she gave me some legal advice and spoke specific details about my case and what she and her firm could do for me. It was this personal contact and hours of phone call and multiple emails all without asking for payment, that I realized Lyons Law and Megan Lyons were the Firm and Attorney for me. Megan was very understanding of my financial situation and worked very closely with me to arrange an attorney fee and payment schedule which was fair and agreeable to both of us. Throughout my bankruptcy both Megan and the staff at Lyons Law have been nothing but professional answering all of my questions and making sure I understood the process at every step. I had many questions and concerns all of which were answered via phone call or email usually within the hour of at the longest by the end of the day. I never felt alone, confused, lost, or unaware at any point during the process. I felt Megan and the team at Lyons Law went above and beyond in making sure I was comfortable and aware of everything going on with my case. Since my bankruptcy Megan and the team at Lyons Law have been very understanding and even offered some guidance and advice on other legal matters related to but outside of my bankruptcy case. I feel comfortable and confident in going to Lyons Law for all of my future legal needs, and would highly recommend Lyons Law to any of my family, friends, or co-workers. I feel you would be hard pressed to find a better Law firm to handle to your legal needs in a personal, friendly and professional manner.

– Michael H.

I hired Megan Lyons for an issue I had run into me. She was to the point, clear, firm, always kept me informed and quick in solving the matter. I had no idea how to handle my situation which can be extremely nerve racking. I could not be more happier I hired her. She was fair in price, also saved me money on the other end with her skillful negotiations. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an intelligent, hardworking lawyer who gets the job done as painless as possible.

– Michelle V.

When I was going through my situations, I was upset agitated and did not believe there was any chance to right his ship. I spoke to a couple of attorneys who basically only wanted me to come into the office and charge me a consultation fee. Then once I paid the consultation fee they only provided minimal if any viable information that was helpful. I then met attorney Lyons. Very helpful, very insightful. She walked me step by step through my legal process. Whenever I had a question or need to know something she was there to help easy my mind. She is my first choice when it comes to litigation and I would recommend her to all of my friends and family.

– Marcus W.

My name is Xiao Xing Li, Ms. Megan is the attorney whom I have the pleasure to have as my attorney on a foreclosure case in which I am the plaintiff. Ms. Megan is a consummate professional and she has tremendous compassion for her clients. I would highly recommend Ms. Megan and I believe that her professionalism and her work ethics and her dedication to her eases would serve her clients well.

– Xiao Xing L